Cyber Strategy for Executives and Decision Makers | 2-Days Seminar

An Exclusive Seminar Within Cybertech Global UAE-Dubai
April 4-5, 2021  //  In-Person

Led By Prof. Eviatar Matania, founding Head and former Director General of the Israel  National Cyber Directorate (INCD).
Eviatar Matania is a professor at the School of Political Science, Government and  International Affairs at Tel-Aviv University, where he is also heading the MA of Security  Studies Program. 

Prof. Matania is also an Adjunct Professor at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government.

Seminar syllabus:


Session 1: Cyber Power and Cyber Conflict

> The Evolution of Cyber Power and its Influence on Cyber Threat
> Future Cyber Threats
> Cyber Conflicts and Cyber War
> Discussion – How to prepare for cyber unknowns?

Session 2: Cyber Security – Executive Approach (a)

> Cyber Security Strategic Planning for Executives
> Cyber Crisis Management: A Holistic Approach 
> A National Security Strategy: The Israeli approach 


Session 3: Cyber Security – Executive Approach (b)

> Cyber Hygiene and Immunization
> Budgeting the Cyber Risk

Session 4: Current and Future Cyber Security Technologies

> Classifying Current Cyber Security Technologies
> Next Stage of Cyber Security Concepts and Technologies
> Cyber Security and AI

Closing Session

>The Double Global Race for Cyber-Digital Supremacy
> Discussion – How to lead to a safer cyberspace?

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