5G in the Cyber Era

5G in the Cyber Era: Regulation, Trends, and Communication in the Cybernetic Domain

A Professional Round Table Event

The event will be led by Netanel (Nati) Cohen, the chairman of the CyberIL and EKRON board. Before CyberIL, Nati was the Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Communications. Nati is a (ret.) Brigadier General at the IDF; his last position was Chief Communication and Information Technology Officer (IDF C4I & Cyber Security Directorate).

Round Table 1: National Cyber Authority Deployment for the 5G Era

The 5G History shows that every decade there is a switch in the cellular generation. In addition to the improvements in the network quality, the 5G has unique uses that are unrelated to the communication between people, but between machines and parts.

The uses are defined in three main sectors:
1. High bandwidth.
2. Reliability and speed.
3. Communication between parts (Massive Machine Type Communications) - IoT, with many parts in a small area, for a network of tightly-knit sensors.

Along with the opportunities the 5G technology brings, there are also many risks we will need to deal with in the upcoming years.

Round Table 2: Regulation in the Cyber Domain - Suggestion or Necessity?

Recently, various countries have published regulations for critical sectors and systems. Regulations in the cyber domain are a challenge in creation. This domain is complex and dynamic, and mostly falls in the civilian-business sector, with a potential to damage national security.
Research points to significant differences between countries in cyber regulation.

  • National cyber authorities
  • Cyber executives in government offices
  • Lawyers in the field of cyber
  • Regulatory researchers
  • Government Communication Ministries
  • Global Telecommunication Regulatory Authorities
  • Major Telecom Suppliers
  • IoT and cybersecurity solutions vendors

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